Virtual Care: VA Latest Coronavirus Update

The Latest Coronavirus Update. Got a fever, cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms? Are you worried that you have Coronavirus? Sometimes the last thing you want to do is to get out of the house to see the doctor, exposing yourself (and others) to more potential bugs and viruses. VA can make it easier and safer to get back to health with virtual care through My HealtheVet and the VA Video Connect App on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Notice: AT&T, SafeLink by TracFone, T-Mobile, and Verizon help Veteran subscribers avoid data charges when using VA Video Connect on their networks. This enables Veterans to access their VA care teams through telehealth with fewer worries about data fees. Learn more information and limitations specific to each of VA’s cellular partners. | Last Updated: 09/20/2021 9:00 a.m. ET

What is virtual care?

Virtual care means you can contact your VA provider (and health care team) through Secure Messaging or receive treatment by telephone or video. Last year, Veterans had over 20 million virtual engagements with VA. Any Veteran who qualifies to receive VA care and lives in the U.S. is eligible to use virtual care.

Viral Care

Virtual care is personalized and can connect you with your providers more effectively than ever. Ask your health care team if virtual care can help meet some of your health care needs – whether through in-home health monitoring with tailored technologies, connection to specialists, or even remote scans and data.

Virtual care is safe and effective.

Virtual care is safe and effective. Imagine the benefits to you and your fellow Veterans if you don’t have the hassle of going to the hospital or clinic with a cold, flu, or other viral illness. You can stay at home and avoid battling for a parking spot and spending time in a waiting room. Most importantly, you won’t put other Veterans at risk of a highly contagious illness. Staying home can be easier for you AND safer for the community by helping contain the spread of infectious diseases.

My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet

You probably already know My HealtheVet is a great way to manage your care – with online Rx Refills, VA Appointments, and your labs and tests, radiology reports, and images. And with Secure Messaging and video appointments, reaching your providers while at home can be easy, too. While not for use in emergencies, a secure and private session begins with a simple request with a Secure Message for a video appointment. Sign in and request one next time you need to see your doctor or other providers.

Make an appointment

Your health care team can also set up an in-person appointment if needed. However, if you’re feeling seriously ill or your symptoms may require immediate care, please – come in!